BLAZER Alberto Oliv. aka Blazer born in Cartagena (Spain) He was discovered by Beatman in the beginning of 2010 and his first proper single “TOXIC GIRL” was released in March of the same year for AYRA RECORDINGS. Backed with a killer remix by Beatman & Ludmilla, the single gained strong support by almost everybody and trademarked Blazer’s uplifting Psychedelic Tech- Funk Breaks.The Spanish producer managed to create Breaks music that’s fully energetic, modern, elusive, darkish, and high level quality. Since then BLAZER never looked back and signed with top quality labels like: Ayra Recordings, High Grade Records, V.I.M.Breaks, Rune Recordings , Ego Shot Records, Digital Sensation Uk, Logariddim Records, Hard & Hits Records, Divergence Records, Electroshok Records,Distortion Records, Raveart Records, Psychoactive Records, Scarcity Records, Ruff & Fresh Records, Expand Records. All his singles and remixes gained huge chart success and climbed high in Beatport’s TOP100 Breaks chart ,supported by really important people of the scene like Access Denied, Far Too Loud, General Midi, Hedflux, JMekka, Kickflip, Luqas, Specimen A, Ways & Means, Anne Savage, Boonos, Future Funk Squad and many more. In the beginning of 2012 BLAZER launched his own top quality label NEOM RECORDINGS. Based on progress and authenticity and focused on the dancefloor the label will set the world on fire with killer releases by the likes of BLAZER, BEATMAN & LUDMILLA,CHEVYONE, FISSO & SPARK,DEENK,ETC…